The Night Lily (Imperial Assassin Book 3)

After their last perilous assignment, Dhani and her secret service partner, Parvan Gorshayik, are assigned an easy mission: investigate the disappearance of two other secret service operatives at a remote desert fort

When the outpost fort is unexpectedly surrounded by six thousand angry desert tribespeople -the Loy- searching for their stolen god, Dhani and Parvan find themselves fighting for their lives.

Also at the fort is Mehmet Qasalin, a journalist chasing the story of a gold-obsessed Jhiriyan lord who vanished into the desert wastes a decade earlier.

Qasalin’s quest for information leads straight to the missing Loy god and the attention of the fort’s crooked major. After discovering Qasalin’s true identity, the major sends the reporter on a quest he cannot possibly survive.

Along with Dhani, Parvan and two other soldiers, Qasalin is tasked with crossing the vast Loy camp and marching 200 kilometres through inhospitable, waterless desert to seek help from another fort.

Yet, even as the trek begins, the group is double-crossed and fired on by the major’s troops.

The only way to survive is to run, hide and somehow cross the Loy camp before dawn.

Or is it?

Captured by the Loy, Dhani and Qasalin form a tenuous alliance. Qasalin devises a risky plan, using his real identity to see justice done and the Loy god returned to its people – the cost of which could be his life.

As Qasalin struggles to convince the Loy not to kill him, Dhani escapes and uncovers a ruthless plot by the fort’s major to kill everyone at the outpost: Loy, Jhiriyans and Tizraki townsfolk alike.

Dhani and Parvan must race against time, war and betrayal to save the lives of thousands of innocent people…even if it means one of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.