Valley of Lies (Imperial Assassin Book 2)

An ancient weapon that destroys cities. A magic that shouldn’t exist. A smart-mouthed assassin racing against time to save the world.  

Expelled from the Imperial Assassins for a murder she didn’t commit, Dhani Karim is granted one chance at redemption: spend two years as a lowly covert operative in the Empire’s Secret Service whilst she tries to clear her name.

Partnered with Parvan Gorshayik, a man with a mysterious and brutal past, Dhani is sent to a far-flung mountain town on a routine intelligence gathering mission.

But when Parvan’s unauthorized quest for vengeance leads to an ancient artifact with the power to destroy nations, Dhani is forced to make a choice.

Should she walk away from the rogue mission—and sacrifice her one chance to rejoin the Imperial Assassins—or help Parvan recover the artifact from the hands of a group planning to bring down the Empire itself?

Before she can decide, she’s thrown into a deadly race against time.

Agents from the Yarga—a powerful military nation—are also seeking the artifact and will stop at nothing to secure it for themselves. And, unlike the Continent’s other peoples, the Yargans possess both the magic

al strength and knowledge to use the weapon. Yet, without the Yargans’ help neither Dhani nor Parvan will be able to defeat the group who’s stolen the artifact…or the powerful form of magic the group possesses – a magic that shouldn’t exist.

Filled with intricate world-building, snarky banter and epic battles, this second book in the Imperial series is perfect for fans of fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure. Pre-order today to read Valley of Lies first.

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RELEASE DATE: 31 May 2021

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